There is a necessary constancy we get from our loving God.

It is necessary because the vicissitudes of our lives are too much for our fragile hearts to bear. One day we’re up, the next day we’re down. One day we’re happy, the next day we’re sad. One day we’re sinners, the next day we’re saints. This is normal. It is human. This is us.

But in the middle of our travails and triumphs, He remains. In our many joys and sorrows, He maintains. In our strength and in our weakness, He sustains.

We must never ever mistake the undulations in our lives as undulations of His love. His love never fails. His love is always constant. His love is our necessary constant.

We need it. We need Him.



Efosa Ojomo

I write about innovation, economic development, and my faith. Hope you find my words encouraging